Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ring giveaway

These people are having a draw for her beautiful wedding ring. Only $5 for entry to bring their daughters home that they want to adopt and give them the medical care they need.  If you can help please follow the above link to their page or spread the word by posting it on your blog.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Teen Years...

The teen years are almost upon us. My oldest is getting so mouthy. His favorite sayings are you're mean, you're crazy and I don't have to do what u say. He is so rebellious lately. Just when u think u have them mostly able to control their emotions (well except for when it comes to school work) then hormones rear their ugly head. My son will be 13 in September but he has the BO and the zits and the attitude so he may as well be a teen.  They have also had a bad cough for almost a month and nothing the dr can do. I am trying some vitamins and trying to kick it out though.  Are the teen years generally worse with kids with autism or just hard in general?  I think the younger one, 12 years this year also got signs of puberty (worse BO then his brother, zits and blackheads)  He  is being more emotional too but he is a whiner and cryer.  My oldest one is a yeller. How did things change in the teen years for your kids?

Spring Vacation

I am going away to meet a couple of my fb friends. One of them has a child with autism too. I am so excited. The most exciting part is my kids will be at their grandparents so its a break and a vacation.  I appreciate that I have been welcomed to join some great ladies on their retreat but I am not quite brave enough to meet all of you at once at the moment.  Maybe next year?