Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lansing School district mistreating kids with special needs

Sunday, September 23, 2012

High School

My oldest started high school this September. I met with his support worker and she said he is doing good. No meltdowns, no problems at all. He is finding his way around the high school. He is using his computer where up till this year he was refusing to use it. I am so proud of my big guy!

You're just NOT funny!

I just wanted to link to a friends blog. Please read it, share and stand up for our children!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Holidays

Yesterday was a rough day. We had Easter dinner at my parents.  My dad and I had several disagreements mostly about my kids. He usually keeps his mouth shut even though I know he thinks they are badly behaved at times and doesn't really understand.  My  oldest was calling my youngest a loser so my dad said well your a loser then because your his brother.  I told him u shouldn't call ur grandson a loser. He said well, he shouldn't call his brother a loser. I said well, siblings do those kind of things.  Me and my brother did. He said not while he was around. He then made a comment about my kids never listening to me.  I said well, we didn't always listen to mom but that didnt reflect on her parenting. He said I don't want to talk about it. Fine by me! Later... My oldest called his brother the b word.  I sent him for a time out and he yelled and ranted and raved but did go for one.  My dad says why does he have to do that?  in a disbelieving tone.  I said probably because of his autism. Good thing he didn't say anything else cuz I was in no mood between disciplining my son and his comments. Later I had invited a friend over that has known my parents and I for many years. We were having a discussion about my friends  boyfriends stepson. Long story short because I don't really have her permission he said your not my real dad, I dont have to listen to you.  My dad said he should have responded then I don't have to drive you places, buy u things, do things for u etc.  My friend and I both disagreed and said that would just start an argument. My dad said it would make him grateful for the things the step dad did for him. I seem to remember times when I didnt want to do what I was told and my dad would respond by saying then I don't have to drive you anywhere or do things for u and that would make me just think he didn't care.   Of coarse I didnt think to say that. In the end of that convo I just ended up saying Its pointless to argue and my dad of coarse had to have the last word saying I think I have learned something in my ____years. Funny cuz I could have sworn my mom did most of the parenting unless we were really in trouble. What approach do u think would work if a child says your not my real parent?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun stressbusters.

Today I was feeling kinda stressed. I was walking down the street with my son and he started making kinda annoying noises but it was just his way of being silly and having fun.  At first I told him to be quiet. Then I thought about it and said "actually do it again!" He was happy to oblige and we both made happy silly noises together. Im sure we both looked and sounded silly but who cares we were having fun and  by the time we finished our walk home I wasnt stressed anymore.   As we all know parenting kids with extra challenges can be stressful.  What do you do with ur kids for fun?  Please share ur silly stories!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A good day!

I did a bit of job hunting in the am.  My oldest is staying with his grandparents for spring break so my youngest and I had a fun day together today.  I ran into an old friend of mine and so we had lunch and blizzards at DQ with her and her bf. My friend and her bf were very good about including my son in the convo too which meant alot to me. Then me and my youngest ran a few quick errands and he bought a video game. We were goofing around together. Singing and bumping into each other for fun.  He is such a fun kid, I'm glad we got to spend some alone time together. We had lasagna and steamed veggies for dinner and watched a movie together.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Normal is just a setting on your dryer!

Parenting with Aspergers
has a son who had to go to a new middle school and was nervous about being called weird because he has been bullied b4. Lets show him some support and show him that weird is the knew normal.
First I'm going to tell u a story from high school. A guy in class asked me "Are you normal?" so I said "define normal".  He couldn't so he asked our English literature teacher.  The teacher said" anything that is not weird or off the wall is normal.  Someone having a shower in their clothes is weird."  Well that sounds more like a definition of weird to me so as far as I'm concerned weird vs normal is all a matter of perspective.

I'm weird too! I wore dress pants to school growing up and didn't realize how different it was till I went to a new school even though no one else dressed like that.  I was always quiet and shy in high school. I once stared at a guy I liked in science class across the room for a whole hour and made him blush.  I have been known to splash in the kiddies pool we had up till a couple years ago and jump up and down and yell right along with my kids. I used to sing walking down the street but had to stop cuz my kids hate it and they are teens.  I still like stuffed animals and I am 38.  I was not worried about turning 30 and Im not worried about turning 40. Common people, its just a number. Do you really feel older the day of ur birthday then u did the day before your birthday?   I'm sure there is more but I cant think of it right now. I think normal is boring!!!

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