Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh my head!

Was it a full moon today??? Both of my kids didn't want to get out of bed today and took about 15 minutes to haul their butts out of bed at about 7:55. They are supposed to be out the door at between 8:20 -8:30. ha ha, that wasn't going to happen.  Well, from there my oldest came out in his blanket and layed on the carpet and started in on his "I'm not going to school rant." Usually when he does this I am able to get things on track by getting him to eat first so in about 10 minutes after telling me I know what you are doing and thats a step to get ready for school (he's onto me). He finally decides to eat.  Then guess what??? Back on the carpet in his blanket, blanket over his head.  I tried to reward,  I tried to discipline. If you don't get ready for school you are off your games for a day then a week. Nothing was budging the boy. Usually if a reward doesn't work, banning him off his games works.  He does get mad but he usually get ready and goes right away. NOT TODAY! I finally asked what happened at school that you don't want to go. The deal with the school is that he stays after school for homework club everyday to get his work that he typically doesn't get done in class done.  Well, yesterday(the first day back at school since he was sick last week) they kept him from having PE, his favorite subject, and half of lunch to do his work. Wth??? I am sending them a note tomorrow reminding them of the deal of him staying after school.  Its not good to break his routine seeing he is autistic. Also 1/2 hour of PE is mandatory in school.  He needs to exercise break. Also lunch is a break he needs and he is entitled too. Argh... Even adults get a break at work.  I actually stayed calm the whole time he was carrying on, so proud of myself for not yelling :)   He also tried to push his luck going to bed tonight but ended up going to bed without too much problem.  He figured he should still get his bribe (Jello) even though he layed on the floor for at least half an hour after I said if you get dressed I will make Jello while u are at school. Maybe I forgot to say if you get dressed right away?  He finally left for school about 9:30 and got to school about an hour late.  He says he is not going to school tomorrow  even though he had a better day today. My prayer for tomorrow, Dear God,  Please let tomorrow morning be easier than today.


SuperLittleMen said...

God I hate mornings like those where by 9am you feel you have done 10 rounds in the boxing ring. Hope tomorrow is better

Fighting for my Children said...

Thanks, the next day was better :)