Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tough days!

I realized the other day that I was giving my oldest child, the one with the most behavior problems too many chances.  He is getting really mouthy. I realize part of it is being almost 13 but not all of it.  Being a fair person I informed my kids about how long they are going to get a time out for what and that I had been giving too many chances.  5 mins for mouthiness, being rude, name calling etc., 10 mins for swearing, yelling at me. 1/2 hour for violence.  5 min time outs in the morning for everything because lets face it if I stuck to the regular time out thing my oldest would never get out the door.  If they have 5 time outs in the morning then they are off the computer till dinner.  Anyways, my oldest is not liking this so of coarse was yelling and name calling and being rude yesterday morning and got himself kicked off the computer. After school he proceeded to beg me to give it back to him. You know how our kids can obssess about things. I told him drop it or u wont get it back and he slowed down considerably.  He was able to get it back after dinner. this morning was better although he still had a hard time getting motivated to get dressed and get out the door he had miraculously lost a large part of his mouthiness.  He still got 2 time outs in the morning but thats far better than 5.  Thanks for listening, just had to vent :)

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