Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tendinitis and lurking!

I found out on Wednesday that I have Tendinitis so i will be mostly lurking till I can write my Christmas and new years blog with both hands on the keys again. I am wearing a partial wrist cast on my right wrist and guess which one is my writing hand? So hope you had a Merry Christmas /happy holidays and a happy new year to you. Well its back to lurking for me :(


Megan said...

I have three nephews in the autistic spectrum, two with Aspergers, one with autism and a host of physical problems. I will pass your site onto my sisters. Megan

Fighting for my Children said...

Thx megan, it will be great to have another mom to share stories with. Also Megan pls feel free to keep visiting, the more the merrier :)