Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Break with a side of nagging!

My monster in law was over. She is a neat freak and I am not! Nag, nag, nag. She was so bossy and drove me and hubby nuts. Also she does things for you and then makes you feel guilty after its like if you are going to do something for me, don't do it if it comes with a guilt trip. We spent 3 days cleaning the house before she arrived but it was not good enough for the lady that came out of the womb with a broom and a mop in her hand. Omgosh, she said she is not coming back again even though by our standards our house was immaculate when she was here Wish she could come for a good visit but nothing is good enough for her. She gave us money for Christmas though and I got a dirt devil and clothes so that was good. MIL and her kitchen assistant(me) also made a yummy Christmas dinner for us and my parents and 2 bros which I did appreciate and she also made a whole bunch of goodies and brought them down with her. YUM! So I guess it wasn't all bad.. We were going to have a get together for new years but I guess didn't give enough notice so went to my parents instead and monster in law was gone by then. We did talk though and didn't leave it on a bad note. She invited us for lunch after she left since she went to stay with another family friend and then we took her dog to the dog park where my boys chased the dogs and had an absolute blast. Who knew dog parks could be that much fun for kids. lol Then we went to the park then home.


Corey said...

You should give her a copy of the "Babies Don't Keep" poem.. the one about why you can't do housework because you're rocking our baby and babies don't keep. Cuz seriously, you might not be rocking your babies, but you're a leeeeeeetle busy with them.

When I die, probably no one will say much about my housekeeping skills. But hopefully they will say I was a good mom (or tried damn hard!)

Glad you're back! Missed you!

Fighting for my Children said...

That's a good idea, there is also a poem about spending time with your children and that's why the housework is not done that is similar, I will have to try to find it. Meanwhile I will Google that poem.
Thanks for the idea Corey and its nice to be missed :)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Glad that things wound up on a positive note - always good!

Fighting for my Children said...

Good to see you hanging around my blog too, Tanya!