Thursday, February 25, 2010

Positive post!

John Boy asked me yesterday if he could stay after school and play today. I didn't think anything of it till this morning when John boy was already late for school and rifling through his piggy bank. I said what are you doing, you are already late for school. He said I confess, I was going to go to the (corner) store and get you a (birthday) present after school today. I had to tell him then your going to have to get your money after school then go since most of his money is in small change. I was soooo....touched though. And they say autistic kids aren't loving???Pshaw! My birthday is on Friday but he gave me an early present of a mars bar, my favorite chocolate bar. There is nothing better especially when I am craving chocolate. Tomorrow John boy said he is giving me more presents. He is so full of empathy and I am so proud of him. This is the first time John boy has tried to surprise me.

Billy Bob has I-day tomorrow. On I-day you have to go if you have assignments that you didn't do that term. He doesn't have to go because he did all his assignments despite having difficulties with reading and writing. I am so... proud of him. Also last year Billy Bob was about 2 years behind in reading. Now he is only 1 year behind. He is at his grade level in everything else and he can understand things if you tell him verbally and he is writing a lot better. I still scribe his homework though, it makes it easier for both of us. Billy Bob has come so far and sometimes its good to look back and reflect on it.

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Fighting for my Children said...

Oh, in case anyone is wondering I got my favorite pop and another mars bar on my actual birthday.