Monday, February 15, 2010

Rough month!

We have been going through a rough spot in our marriage lately. We are going to go for councilling,stepparent coarse for hubby and some parenting (for special needs) coarses. Parenting coarses mostly for hubby but Im sure I will learn something.
The Olympic torch came through our town so we got up early and watched someone run it through town. The kids loved it, I took a short video and some pics of us in front of a Canadian flag in a window.
Life was pretty good for about a week then...BOOM! Mom got the "flu" on Friday. In the hospital Saturday. They thought she had gall stones and infected pancreas. Well, they took a ct scan and now they said nope, that is not it but we don't know what it is. More tests are coming. They have some "ideas" but they are too scary to contemplate never mind put in writing. My mom is in so much pain she is in the hospital on morphine and she is a tough lady. She wouldn't take it unless she had to. I have never seen her so sick but still I visited her yesterday and today because I love my mom. We had a family prayer for her tonight. I am not particularly religious but I do believe in god. My oldest son laughed during prayer. We don't regularly pray in our house and I think as the other autie moms will probably agree, Our kids sometimes react inappropriately when they don't know how to react, right? Now me and my hubby are arguing because he thinks my son was just being disrespectful! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....I have tried explaining to him why he laughed but...Oh well, we will make up soon I am sure. Please if you believe in a god or a higher power pray for the Dr's to find out what is wrong and for my mom to get well soon. Thanks!


Corey said...

I'm praying.. for all of you. It's tough when you're in the middle and getting pulled every which way.


Megan said...

I am so sorry about your Mom! What have they found? My own mom is not doing well, very depressed and we are so far away. I understand about laughing during prayer. We used to try to have family devotions, but gave up on it when the stress of dealing with a bipolar kid in the midst was too much. Once my youngest called it our family "commotions." Yes, funny. I feel like have the time I don't respond appropriately to anything! Blame it on PTSD.

Fighting for my Children said...

We are still waiting for test results. Hoping for a answer today. Praying that is it not something too serious :(

Fighting for my Children said...

Thanks for your support Corey and Megan.