Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can I Pick Your Brain?

John boy is giving the math teacher what for in his first morning class. He makes a fuss and yells and wont do his work and gets sent out of class with his SEA(I'm assuming). He has to make up the work at lunch or after school. I'm wondering if the delayed punishment is actually rewarding because he gets to leave class when he acts up. Its not an immediate consequence. The math teacher says He is trying to teach him to deal with his emotions. That they wont put up with that in high school even though that is still 2 1/2 years away. Also he does have autism so isn't it the schools job to find a way to deal with him??? He also has talked to John boy and he apologized and understands what he did wrong and doesn't like staying after school. I don't think that proves its working because he keeps doing it and I think he knows what is expected of him so he just talks the talk. The teacher think he doesn't do well in the morning which is probably true. I wonder if maybe he needs a free block in the morning next school year if possible. The teacher says he doesn't preform well when he is hungry. He doesn't eat a lot in the morning. He is not a breakfast guy. I am going to try to send him with something to munch on when he is going to school. I also try to send him early for the breakfast club but If you tantrums a lot in the morning it doesn't happen.


Corey said...

Hmm. What does John boy say about it (why he is being a butt that first class)? Does he have any insight into it?

Because he could be tired, or hungry, or the math teacher could be an @$$, or maybe JB doesn't like math, or maybe he is having a transition issue (or,or,or).. but I think you're right that kicking him out of class does nothing except remove him from the class. It doesn't change the behavior (esp. if he keeps doing it day after day.) So until/unless they can figure out what the issue is that's triggering the behavior and address THAT, I think they'll keep seeing the same thing.

(But you know, Aspie is not my specialty) ;-)


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I think that's a good idea to send a snack with him. Nigel had a similar thing happen, and since I started sending a snack with him every morning, he's been doing better.