Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring vacation!

Its spring vacation and both boys are at their grandparents (biological dads parents). Yay! I am so lucky that they are still so good to me and my boys. My mom is in the hospital to have an operation to take some of the lump out to get a sample to do more tests on. The lump is so small they could barely get a sample and so it is probably benign but the Dr wont give a 100% sure answer till after the test. I had this in my drafts so Im going to add that the lump is benign, we got the test results. Still good news, cancer doesn't shrink!!! Unfortunately mom still has no appetite and is still sick so we are onto the what could it be now phase. New update, its "just" pancreatitis. Better than cancer.
On a good note: I went out for dinner with hubby friday, no babysitter needed! Chinese food buffet only $10/person. It is usually next to impossible to get a babysitter as those with kids with special needs already know but my mom was my babysitter.

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